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Women's Tops

Women's Trendy Tops

Be at the forefront of fashion with our tops. Whether you are shopping for a girl’s night out or an outfit for your first date! Look no further than COURTNEY COUSINS. We bring you exclusive access to fashion tops. We have a wide selection of tops from flowy, fitted or fashion forward. Our tops can be dressed up or down and are perfect for any occasion. We love soft colours and florals with emphasis on good quality. Comfort, style and quality are our key focus when designing our trendy tops. All of our tops are lined to ensure extra comfort. You can let your fashion mind run wild with the outfits that you can achieve with our tops. They create a presitge feel everytime you wear them and they can speak to every woman's idividual style. All of our trendy tops have a subtle statement in them, whether they have a sexy open back or a side tie detail - they will get your outfit noticed.